Intuitive and Powerful Call Search & Playback

  • Locate recordings quickly and accurately according to multiple search criteria.
  • Create predefined search templates.
  • Save the most frequently used search combinations.
  • Follow up on call routes using Crystal Quality’s scenario reconstruction.
  • Smart player based on waveform display with split audio view.
  • Download fully or partially recorded files and shared them by e-mail.
  • Save, e-mail or export single or multiple-recording interactions as secured Standard files.
  • Calls can be searched by any combination of the following search criteria:
  • Customer self-defined data fields (reserved fields)
  • Call duration (from – to)
  • Date and time (from – to)
  • CLID or part of the number for incoming calls
  • Dialed number or part of the number for outgoing calls
  • Extension number
  • Agent name
  • Skill ID
  • Channel number
  • Channel name
  • User name
  • Call direction (incoming/outgoing or both)
  • Remarks and annotation
  • Agent/ User/ Group
  • Tags
  • Agent evaluation score
  • CTI references
  • Recording server number
  • Storage device
  • Recording that have been archived (backup)
  • Recordings that include screen recording
  • Reference number
Customer Interactions Call Recording

Playback Capabilities

  • Web-based, no need to install any client application.
  • Play back recordings on the server’s hard drive, backup device, and network device.
  • Low and high-speed playback.
  • Loop playback.
  • Easy to navigate through calls.
  • Volume control.

Immediate Replay – The Crystal Quality Instant Replay feature will significantly improve work efficiency when a supervisor might have missed parts of an audio conversation between the customer and an agent. If a problem arises during a telephone conversation, the supervisor is able to immediately retrieve the call from the very beginning. This helps call center supervisors/dispatchers make decisions in real time.

Crystal Quality’s ® Unique Waveform

  • Visually represents the actual dB value.
  • No need to replay entire recordings; you can select any part of a recording on
  • the waveform to zoom and playback.
  • Any segment of a voice recording can be saved as evidence or sampling for
  • training (supervisor accessibility is required).
  • Customer and agent voices will be separated into two waveforms in VoIP
  • recording environments.
  • You are able to tag as many points as desired on the waveforms for future
  • queries.
  • Key call information will be attached when the recording is played.
voice recording wave form

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring: Listen to live calls with just one click.

  • Monitor agents’ call status.
  • Monitor agents’ calls in real time.
  • Monitor agents’ screens at any time.
  • Instant playback while the call is still in progress.
live Monitoring call recording voice recording and screen recording

Storage Archive and Recycle

The Crystal Quality® advanced archiving feature ensures data security and integrity by providing a strong and flexible archiving strategy spanning multiple storage media.

Flexible, long-term storage and archive – Local and network storage and archive (Disk RAID, Disk Mirroring) are standard features of the Crystal Quality® recording solutions, which support archiving to any mass storage device such as NAS, SAN and FTP servers.

  • support local and remote voice and screen archiving.
  • Recordings can be simultaneously archived on the local hard drive, remote
  • FTP servers or NAS to secure the data.
  • Manual or scheduled archiving.
  • FIFO or keep policies for data recycling.
  • Separate recycle rules for voice, screen and voice + screen.
  • Backup by extension/group/user.
  • Backup one server or capsules of recording servers under centralized management.
  • Standalone player application for archived calls.


  • Local or network backup
  • You can define up to three backup devices
  • Manual backup or an automatic backup
  • Pre-programmed setup of backup recordings at a fixed data and time (periodically) – weekly, daily, monthly or immediately after the call has ended
  • Continue backup until there is no free space on DAT, DVD, Disk or NAS

Supported storage media:

  • EMC
  • USB storage device
  • NAS (network access storage)
  • SAN (storage area network)
  • FTP server


Integration – As a total, cross-platform recording solution, Crystal Quality® provides a wide support list for a variety of PBX platforms, CTI types and VoIP protocols, with proven integrations with Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Genesys and more.

Supported PBX list: Crystal Quality supports recording compatibilities with all major TDM, analog and VoIP PBXs vendors.

Qrystal Quality Supported Platforms shortel, panasonic, siemens, avaya, cisco, nortel, mitel