Fax Server Bavo FG10 PRO

Bavo Network Fax Server is a cost effective turnkey Network Fax solution for business and home use. Bavo Network Fax Server includes all necessary hardware and software, and it allows user to send and receive faxes from internet or intranet via virtual fax printer, email, Bavo fax client or Brower.

You can reduce costs, improve productivity, and save time with the Bavo network fax server to receive, send, and manage documents from the desktop, email, or other business applications that you use. It connects to a PSTN line so you can receive faxes as emails and you can send faxes from any application that has printing capabilities. Theres distributed fax capabilities from remote offices, corporate officers, of field sales people over a WAN with the service. It offers JBIG fax compression and V.34/33.6K Super G3 fax with the S series Bavo V.34 network fax server. The transmission time is less than have when you compare it to regular fax modems. You get great cost savings and a faster fax transmission with the service.
Bavo network Fax Server is a simple to use, no training required fax solution designed to integrates fax communication with your IT network, sending any printable document directly to fax machine, incoming fax are received as pdf or tiff file and routed to Bavo fax client, share folder or email address. Bavo faxserver helps reduce costs, saving time, and more convenience with IT and mobile product. And you dont need to worry about any fax software and fax modem Compatibility.
Key Benefits of Bavo Network Fax Server

Significantly increase Employee productivity
With the Bavo Network Fax Server users can receive and send faxes from their desktops directly without having to go to the fax machine. This saves time in printing documents and sending them out by the traditional fax machine method.
Making faxing as easy as email
Home email products such as Lotus Note or Microsoft Outlook can be use



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