Fax Server Bavo FG20 PRO

Bavo network fax server is integrated all in a box. Setup the server is very easy. No need expert knowledge. Desktop fax server allows you to deploy faxing to your entire user base so that they can send and receive faxes while sitting at their desks.
Our company located in Dongguan, GuangDong China, the main activate of our company is development and support Fax Server series products. I would like to introduce some of our fax server advantage than other fax server in the market:

1)Super G3 support, customers would like to take fax server support Super G3 to get fast fax speed.
2)OEM getting easy, It’s very easy to have your own brand fax server, there is no MOQ for the OEM partner.
3)Support 1-4 fax line, BAVO Fax Server series support 1, 2, 4 fax line;
4)Multi Language support;
5)All models are metal case, easy to cooling in a heat environment, and it support rack mount and wall mount, more easy to install.
6)with a LCD, setup and maintenance get more simple, you don’t even need a notebook/PC when you install fax server to your customer. Also it’s easy to solve the problem of fax server when the LCD can show the fax server status.

Main feature of Bavo Fax Server: Print2fax, Fax2Email, Email2Fax, Virtual Extension, Multi fax line support, fax broadcast, etc.



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