Nista SD-30A Analog Door Phone

NISTA SD-30A Analog Door Phone is a revolutionary new design concept.
Incorporates a backwards facing speaker where the sound is ported to sound vents on the side of the unit. This allows the front panel to be speaker-free and of a smooth, contemporary design.
Offered in a satin Duralumin finish, supports a single touch sensitive visitor call button in a small compact unit design with a small foot print allowing it to be installed onto modern aluminium door frames providing a perfect balance between high quality aesthetics and simple functionality.

Easily programmable and monitored via a telephone system (analog PBX) and also easily installable allowing users to adjust both microphone and speaker volume levels to suit.

The new Nista door phone units are an exciting edition to the door access range and offer customers who are keen to embrace new technology the very latest look and feel at an affordable price.






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